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You may find answers to your questions about physical therapy at Xzact Therapy & Aquatics here.

Top 10 physical therapists in Paris
Carrie G. Hogue, PT has been awarded as a top Physical Therapy practice with some of Paris's best Physical Therapists.
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At Xzact Therapy and Aquatics, we offer monthly memberships for water walking. For more info >

a Dream come true

Therapy director Zach Michael's vision and passion led to the creation of Xzact Therapy & Aquatics. More Info >

Monday-Thursday: 7am-7pm
Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday: Sports Injury Clinic 8am-12pm

1675 NE Loop 286 Paris, TX, United States



​​Xzact Therapy & Aquatics proudly presents to you RockTape!!

RockTape is the practice of fascial movement taping and is used for therapeutic purposes along with assisting with athletic acheivements.


RockTape is able to:

  • Turn down the volume of pain
  • Decompress area of swelling and inflammation
  • Delay fatigue
  • Normalize muscle tone
  • ​Spread physical stress

Xzact Therapy & Aquatics is the only place in Paris that provides RockTape with its therapy.